Bloomington Consulting Company SID3CAR CO. rebrands to Student First Technologies to align with their mission of helping students gain access to quality education.

Student First Technologies
March 1, 2022

Bloomington, IN (March 01, 2022) SID3CAR CO. a Bloomington-based, nationally staffed consulting firm, has rebranded to Student First Technologies. This rebrand comes after a year-long transition from serving a variety of customers since 2012 to only serving education-minded organizations and delivering software products empowering education freedom.

“Internally, this shift in focus happened almost a year ago but we wanted to make it clear externally on who we are serving and why,” said Forrest Fowler the co-founder of Student First Technologies, formerly a founder of SID3CAR CO. “We are building valuable technology that has a positive impact on students across the nation, not just families in our backyard.”

Over the last few months, Student First Technologies has quietly rolled out its new brand in phases including a new visual brand, an overhauled website, and new messaging to current customers. Student First Technologies' first action after the rebrand will be announcing a new product to accompany its seminal product, GO SGO, establishing the Student First Technologies Product Suite. The new product suite is focused on leveraging the value of SaaS (Software as a Service) to bring best-in-class technology at a price-point that beats customized solutions and isn’t currently available for scholarship organizations and state governments. 

“We have doubled down on our commitment to education freedom and stopped accepting new consulting clients outside of like-minded education organizations,” said Mark Duran a co-founder of Student First Technologies. “Our focus is on continuing to build products and tools that serve students and their families.” Duran added, “Our experience in the market has shown us that using a SaaS platform is the only way for administrators/non-profits to scale up without their overhead matching pace.”

In addition to consulting education-minded organizations, Student First Technologies builds and supports software products that allow scholarship organizations, state governments, donors, and parents to interact and document the flow of funding to parents so they can choose how education funding impacts their children. Fowler said, “Our name change reflects our core mission, and our team's passion for,.. putting students first.”

To learn more about Student First Technologies' rebrand and see how the company’s technology is helping families and their students gain access to quality education in their communities, visit

About Student First Technologies

Student First Technologies is building technology to empower education freedom. They currently serve the School Choice movement across 13 states and have allocated over $300,000,000 in education funding to eligible students alongside their partners.

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