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Parents and students deserve a choice. We're powering a movement.

We deliver technology to help policy makers & agencies, non profits, and advocacy groups administer and champion effective, accountable, and efficient school choice programs.

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Tax Credit Scholarships

Our administrative software solution GO SGO is the system of record for over $300,000,000 in tax credit scholarship funding for scholarship organizations across 15 states.

GO SGO is the only software matching donations to tax-credit scholarships while providing schools with real-time financial data.

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Education Savings Accounts

With our bottom-up approach to ESA administration, administrators save big on payment processing. That means more funds are returned to families for education spending. 

Our API solution empowers small to large vendors, which encourages local spending too! 

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Advocacy Tools

We help advocacy groups communicate school choice policies effectively. 

Political action centers, eligibility calculators, private/charter school networks, interactive websites, and more! 

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Fidelity is a CMS Webflow template