Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) Administration System

Our bottom-up solution returns more funds to parents and prioritizes local spending

Graphical Images showing the basic elements of Student First Technologies ESA Solution.

Empower each stakeholder in the funding lifecycle

From the creation of a new account through to parent spending – track every dollar through the process and ensure compliance with your program regulations
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Program Rockstars

For Administrators

Whether you are a state agency, a non-profit administrator, or looking to outsource the program's administration, our solution empowers you to administer an effective and efficient ESA program. Our pricing structure scales with your program size – ensuring more dollars make it to parents' education expenditures.

Custom workflows
Lower costs
Automated Reporting
Instant alerts
Champions of Students

For Parents

Parents know best! Our solution gives them complete control over ESA spending – empowering them to build the best educational experience for each child. With our built in budgeting tools, you can help them direct funds towards the most important expenditures first.

Budgeting tools
Easy interface
Simple payments
Education Superheroes

For Vendors

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Our bottom up solution for vendors allows any size service provider – from local tutors to national agencies to register approved education products and services, invite parents to your program, and effectively receive parent directed payments.

Ensure compliance
Expand reach
Expand access
Funding Superstars

For Donors

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Is your program funded by tax credit eligible donations? No problem! Our single solution for tax credit funded programs (also known as Education Opportunity Accounts, or "EOAs") allows you to fund parent accounts with donor funds then seamlessly allow parents to spend as they see fit.

Multiple giving options
Automatic receipts
Secure portal

Want to see our solution in action?

We would love to share how our solution can be deployed for your organization or agency to improve the efficiency and reach of your ESA program