Student First Technologies’ New Education Savings Account (ESA) Platform Empowers Parents to Choose How Their Education Dollars Are Spent

Student First Technologies
March 21, 2022

Bloomington, IN (March 21, 2022) Student First Technologies today announced a new technology platform built to empower parents to choose how their education dollars are spent. The technology also allows administrators – state agencies and nonprofits – to ensure that funds are being spent on valid education expenses.

“We want to help parents direct the funds in their Education Savings Account towards qualifying education expenses, maximizing the benefit to every child” said Forrest Fowler, Chief Technology Officer of Student First Technologies. “We focused on building technology that provides parents with a seamless user experience and allows them to focus on what matters: their child's education.”

Student First Technologies’ solution is being made available on a per-state basis. The company works with each partner to align the platform with each state's regulations and requirements. The policies surrounding these programs vary by state but are designed to ensure that each dollar is spent responsibly. 

Fowler said, “Each state has their own unique needs to meet the legal requirements of the program. It is critically important that the platform is flexible enough to give administrators the control they need, without limiting the flexibility that parents want.”

The Student First Technologies ESA platform is the first of its kind that allows education providers to directly integrate their billing process into the funding lifecycle – making it easier than ever to provide qualifying products and services to parents. By empowering vendors with these tools, the platform promotes the development and growth of an educational services ecosystem that will ultimately give parents the most choices.

 “We remain hyper focused on our mission, and this new product is a natural extension of our decade-long commitment to School Choice” said Mark Duran, Head of Partnerships of Student First Technologies. “We are committed to continuing to provide a level of quality and support with our technology otherwise not available to parents and funding administrators.”

To learn more about the new software solution and see how the technology benefits parents, education service providers, and administrators in the ESA process, go to

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Student First Technologies is building technology to power education freedom. They currently serve the School Choice movement across 13 states and have allocated over $300,000,000 in education funding to eligible students alongside their partners.

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