Education Saving Account Program Expenses Can Swamp Administrators: Student First Technologies is on a mission to help eliminate implementation overload with new ESA expense verification tool "QuinnIQ"

Student First Technologies
July 21, 2023


Bloomington, IN (July 21st, 2023) Student First Technologies Enhances ESA Platform "Theodore" with the Launch of "QuinnIQ" – A Revolutionary ML-Powered Human-in-loop K-12 ESA Expense Verification System.

June 2023 marked another milestone for Student First Technologies (SFT), a leading innovator in the education technology sector. SFT announced the launch of "QuinnIQ," a groundbreaking addition to their comprehensive, mobile-friendly Education Savings Account (ESA) platform, "Theodore." QuinnIQ is an advanced system designed to automate and streamline the K-12 ESA program expense verification process, incorporating state-of-the-art human-in-loop Machine Learning technology. This cutting-edge solution is now accessible as an integral component of the Theodore platform or as a standalone product for licensing to state and non-profit ESA administrators who are not exclusively using the Theodore platform.

K-12 ESA programs offer a flexible solution for families seeking to personalize their children's education by providing funds to be allocated toward approved educational expenses. However, the management and verification of these expenses have been riddled with manual tasks, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

QuinnIQ confronts these challenges, using Machine Learning to intelligently analyze and categorize submitted expenses, significantly reducing human intervention while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The human-in-loop component ensures that even complex or unusual expenses are reviewed and verified by experienced professionals, offering an additional layer of quality control and assurance.

"We released QuinnIQ last month in June following its development and testing. Since then, throughout June and July, we have been conducting beta tests within existing applications and are very pleased with the results," said Forrest Fowler, Co-Founder and CTO.

Key features of the QuinnIQ system include:

  • Automated expense categorization and analysis, significantly reducing manual input and processing time.
  • Human-in-loop ML, ensuring that complex or unusual expenses receive expert review and approval.
  • A user-friendly interface for parents, allowing for seamless submission and tracking of educational expenses.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for administrators, offering increased transparency and insights into program utilization and effectiveness.

Mark Duran, CEO of Student First Technologies, commented, "The introduction of QuinnIQ to our Theodore platform signifies a major milestone in our commitment to revolutionizing the K-12 ESA experience for parents and administrators. By leveraging the power of Machine Learning, we have developed a solution that dramatically streamlines the expense verification process while upholding the highest standards of accuracy and compliance. We are proud to offer QuinnIQ both as an integral part of Theodore and as a standalone product for licensing, ensuring all ESA administrators can benefit from this transformative technology."

About Student First Technologies

Student First Technologies is a pioneering education technology company committed to revolutionizing the manner in which families and administrators navigate education funding programs and opportunities. Co-Founded by Forrest Fowler (CTO) & Mark Duran (CEO) in 2019 after years of combined experience in technology and the alternative education space, SFT has been at the forefront of innovation in the education choice sector, developing transformative solutions such as the end-to-end ESA platform Theodore and the ML-powered expense verification system QuinnIQ. SFT is on a mission to help families easily access education funding programs and opportunities by offering seamless technology and administrative services to states and non-profits.

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